Henry Yan’s workshop schedule – 2018

Henry Yan’s workshop 2018:

Jan. 3 – 7, Figure drawing and painting, Bonita Springs,  Fl, Contact: Donna Delseni  http://www.artcenterbonita.org

Jan. 15 – 19, Figure and portrait drawing,  Scottsdale AZ,  Contact: Scottsdale Artists’ School, http://www.scottsdaleartschool.org or call 480-990-1422

Mar. 3 – 4, Figure drawing, Berkeley, Ca, Contact: http://www.livandchiusrtstydio.com or call 510 2895472

July 20-22, Calgary, Canada. Contact: swinton@telus.net or swintonsart.com or call 403-258-3500

September 3-9, Figure Drawing and painting, London Fine Art Studios,London,England: info@londonfineartstudios.com or www.londonfineartstudios.com Link: http://londonfineartstudios.com/henry-yan-london-art-workshops/

September 14-18, Figure/Portrait Drawing,  Florence, Italy, link: artensity.org/henryyan   Contact: Debra Zamperla     idzamperla@gmail.com

Sep. 24-28, Figure/Portrait Drawing, Albany, NY, Contact: Kim LaPolla  klapolla@artworkshops.com

Nov. 9-11  Figure and Portrait Drawing, Art of Carolina, Raleigh, NC http://www.artofthecarolinas.com  1-800-827-8478156

Nov. 12-16, Figure Drawing and Painting, Kimberly, Wisconsin, Contact: Terrystanley@me.com

December 1-3  Figure and Portrait Drawing, Mendocino Art Center, Contact: Arlene Reiss    arleneart@mcn.org  





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4 Responses to Henry Yan’s workshop schedule – 2018

  1. Hi, I have recently discovered Henry Yan’s amazing drawings, are there ever drawing workshops in the Los Angeles area?

    Sincerely, Sylvana Lankshear

  2. mtpittore says:

    An AMAZING painter and contemporary MASTER of drawing. Inspiring, fresh, and sensitive. I hope to take a workshop in the near future.–CMagellen

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